CLK Youth Hockey Fund
PO Box 385 Calumet, MI 49913

The purpose of the CLK Youth Hockey Fund is to provide assistance, monetary or otherwise, to members and/or organizations within the Calumet, Laurium, and Keweenaw Communities in order to support youth hockey.

Charitable contributions can be made to either an unrestricted fund or an endowment fund.

Contributions made to the endowment fund will be used to ensure the financial stability of youth hockey well into the future.

Contributions made to the unrestricted fund will be used to provide financial support to current projects.

Structure of the CLK Youth Hockey Fund:
    -Michigan Non-Profit Corporation (Tax-Exempt)
    -501(c)(3) Charitable Organization (Federal Deduction)
    -Separate entity from the Calumet Hockey Association, governed by a Board of

Funding Mechanism Information:

Endowment Fund
    -Contributions to the Endowment Fund become assets of the Keweenaw Community
    -Charitable donations qualify as an itemized federal income tax deduction.
    -Charitable donations qualify for the Michigan Community Foundation Tax Credit.
    -The invested principal is restricted.  The income is available to be distributed by the
     CLK Youth Hockey Fund Board of Directors.

    Tax Benefit Example:

                            - Ammount of Annual Gift = $200

                            - Michigan State Tax Credit = $100

                            - Federal Tax Rate = 36%

                            - Federal Tax Savings = $72

                            - Total Tax Savings = $172

                            - Actual Cost of Gift after Savings = $28 

      Consult your financial advisor for more information about your benefits of giving.

Unrestricted Fund
    -Contributions remain assets of the CLK Youth Hockey Fund.
    -Charitable donations qualify as a federal income tax deduction.
    -The invested principal and income is available to be distributed as directed by the
     CLK Youth Hockey Board of Directors.